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Pacific AgriTec's Carbon Solutions™ remove industrial CO₂ from combustion operations and generate profitable algae feedstocks.
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Replicating Nature

A Solution for Gainful Carbon Capture


Reducing Carbon Emissions

Industrial processes have been fundamental to improving human quality of life, but a CO₂ buildup in the atmosphere says it’s time to rethink these processes.

Pacific AgriTec offers a superior process that economically and efficiently removes CO₂ from combustion flue gas using photosynthesis and growing microalgae. The system design can be retrofitted to existing combustion plants having limited available space or located in remote areas such as the California oil field operation shown on the right.


Initial Pacific AgriTec site in Santa Barbara County, CA operations.

The Pacific AgriTec process grows microalgae using CO₂ from combustion flue gas instead of air. The process requires much smaller space than ponds, tubes and bags, uses small quantities of make-water and produces no gas emissions other than clean oxygen (O₂). The process is proven by years of testing.


Processing of microalgae from flue gas (NOTE: not to scale).

Artificial photosynthesis is used to grow microalgae in a photobioreactor (PBR). The PBR scientifically replicates key natural elements, packages them into a focused environment, and configures the system to operate using flue gas from combustion to lower associated carbon emissions. Pacific AgriTec offers a superior process that economically and efficiently removes up to 90% of CO₂ from combustion flue gases with 70% and higher as permanent capture. Make-up water needs are small.


Numbers at a Glance


Total U.S. natural gas industrial CO₂ sources in operation.

7K mt/yr

Average CO₂ output of sources in operation.

Up to 90%

Pacific AgriTec process removal of CO₂ from industrial flue gas sources.

Pacific AgriTec vs. Other Algae-based Carbon Capture Methods

Pacific AgriTec's technology is easily scaled and adaptive to any environment. Enclosed modular and durable design means Pacific AgriTec is not subject to seasonal weather disruptions, and carbon is utilized in the production of algae.

  • 3-D cultivation
  • On-site CO₂ removal
  • Efficient
  • Highest quality
  • Small footprint
  • No location constraints
  • Quick payout
  • Attractive IRR

High-Grade Algae Products

Not only is carbon removed, but a value added bio-commodity is produced, dried and packed on-site for shipping to the customer. A wide range of microalgae species can be grown and harvested. This is because optimum lighting, temperature, pH, and nutrients are used. The produced algae is isolated from contaminants. Our customers can expect a reliable, high-quality product.

Pacific AgriTec marries industrial source CO₂ to algae photosynthesis. A proprietary Pacific AgriTec process uses optimal amounts of CO₂, light, and nutrients to make high-grade marketable algae. Algae is a robust, fast growing, and adaptable organism that has a host of beneficial uses equal or superior to many other biological commodities and its commercial demand is growing rapidly.

Carbon reduction in Pacific AgriTec photobioreactor "algae spa."

Global Algae Market

Segmented by Product Type and Application.

Food & Beverages
Animal & Fish Feed
Waste Water Treatment
Specialty Chemicals

New algae uses and applications continue to emerge.


Algae Market at a Glance


Current algae market compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


Average sale price range for food, feed, and agriculture algae products.

A Growing Demand for Carbon Credits

California, Canada, the European Union, and China have active carbon credit or tax programs. By putting a price on carbon emissions, the policies are intended to then reduce carbon emissions.

Pacific AgriTec's technology captures carbon using photosynthesis and the production of algae. U.S. Tax Code Section 45Q(f)(5)(A) qualifies photosynthesis, including the growing of algae.

Consensus on the utilization of carbon dioxide through growing of algae is universal.

  • The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine
  • Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
  • Berkley Law — Center for Law, Energy & the Environment
  • Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (Carbon Utilization last assessed on 7/9/2022)
  • And others
Compliance Market Last Change
European Union (Euro) €80.90 0.00%
California $32.53 0.00%
Australia (AUD) $34.87 0.00%
New Zealnad (NZD) $76.90 0.00%
South Korea $15.84 0.00%
Voluntary Market Last Change
Aviation Industry Offset $4.97 0.00%
Nature Based Offset $10.83 0.00%
Tech Based Offset $2.82 0.00%

Current as of June 2022 via

Dynamic carbon credit spot pricing.